Where your product ends up is crucial. TRG understands the importance of moving product quickly, profitably, and in a manner that protects your brand. We have established multiple procedures and processes to safe guard where and how your product is remarketed.

Define Resale Parameters

Questions to be answered during the planning stages of a program centers around how TRG supports your goals and ensure brand protection.

  • National or worldwide distribution
  • Vehicles to be used to sell product (retail, on-line, direct sales, etc.)
  • Companies allowed to purchase/resell product (certification process)
  • Product conditions allowed for sold (A/B/C grad refurbished, as-is, tested working, parts, etc.)
  • Product life cycle planning
  • Product inventory level for inventory planning and turn-time expectations
  • How reconditioned product will be positioned against NEW products

Answers to these topics will help us define your needs and provide solutions to help you improve your recovery, decrease cost, and increase turn time.

Packing Resources

Reconditioned products must be fully functional and cosmetically appealing to fill the markets needs. TRG has longstanding relationships with OEM replacement parts manufactures to ensure finished products look like new. Whether it is parts to be replaced, packaging, product information, or accessories, we are committed to representing your product as the one that will fulfill the end user's expectations. We are able to produce materials from your specification or you can have our design team customize the look and feel of finished goods and packaging.

Processing Abilities

TRG has found each pattern has unique service needs and we have developed capabilities to address these needs.

  • Pick/Pack/Ship capabilities to support your sales or warranty replacement process.
  • Bulk processing and shipment functions.
  • Cross-docking/reverse-logistic solutions to assist in the consolidation of product.
  • Cross boarder/international-shipping assistance.
  • Co-located operations within your facility or a logistic provider's warehouse.
  • Complete scan/UPC tracking ability to provide clear visibility to work in process.
  • Triage capability to ensure NFF product is quickly removed and processed independently of items needing more resources.

Mass palletizing sales without understanding the intricacies of an ever-changing market prevents you from capturing the high potential for your product. TRG is committed to helping you unlock this hidden potential. We will provide you an open view of the process, findings, recovery, and sales channels to ensure an open-book relationship from the beginning.

Full Visibility Reporting

Track your product every step of the way through the remarketing process (receipt, unpacking, testing, part replacement, cleaning, re-kitting, and completion). TRG's system can provide this W.I.P on daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

TRG can also provide failure feedback that can be used to improve product production/reduce returns, replacement part consumption, peripheral replenishment schedule, total program timing, and financial reporting.

This level of reporting allows you to understand the process and plan for the future.