TRG's goal is to be the national leader in fully integrated, secure, and auditable reverse logistic solutions for Fortune 500 companies. TRG looks forward to developing unique solutions to resolve your returns, repair and refurbishment needs. Together we can unlock the untapped potential.

TRG can offer quick turnaround programs that will handle your customer returns.

  • In-house programs operating in as little as 800 square feet, setup and functional in as little as 15 days.
  • Existing processing centers in Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, and Toronto Canada.
  • Stand-alone, off-site facility dedicated to your solution.

TRG takes great pride in helping you get every penny available out of your customer returns.

  • Increasing asset recovery up to 100% on most consumer electronic products.
  • Combining experience in process engineering, management economics, working relationships with top
       retailers/suppliers/manufacturers to bring the industry to the table through one company.
  • Discrete movement of product to avoid brand degradation or price erosion by avoiding internet sales

Years of experience dealing with consumer electronics has launched TRG as the leader in finding ways to increase recovery in the reverse logistics arena.

  • Detailed analytical review to understand market pricing and demand.
  • Focused effort to ensure repair costs can be recovered when products are sold.
  • Develop sales channels to ensure all grades of product obtain the highest possible recovery.

TRG can deploy a return management team to review opportunities and have a fully functional solution in as little as 15 days.

  • On-site facilities allow for Smart Touch; thereby, eliminating transportation between retail-return centers and
       the manufacturer's facility. No double handling.
  • Full capabilities in US and Canada.
  • Regional returns centers with provision for RMA, drop shipping, and fulfillment

TRG's solutions are robust, flexible, and scalable. Whether partners are focusing on market trends, market pricing, refurbishment/re-conditioning, 30-day customer returns, or asset recovery returns, our solution supports these individually or combined. TRG provides a partnership with competent human resource skills, proven processing design knowledge, operational know-how, technical expertise, and demonstrated supply-chain experience. We provide our customers these skills while executing a proven methodology to generate a consistent, high-quality customer experience.

TRG provides a full-service supply chain management solution. We offer a unique array of solutions with one system, one team, and one touch point for our customers.