In a perfect world, retailers and manufactures would have the ability to reduce customer returns via factual data to improve products while still in production. Reduced returns would free resources to strategically reuse returns to attract customers not currently reached. Marketing efforts would not compete against their primary markets and would seamlessly integrate with their warranty fulfillment programs to enhance brand loyalty. Refurbishment facilities would be located within country borders (US/CAN) to reduce logistic timelines and the difficulties of working in a different country, and allow for direct customer fulfillment. Decisions would be driven by a financial model that balances market demand, refurbished retail value, and repair costs while being attune to changing market dynamics.

All grades of product would flow smoothly to end users ensuring the minimum amount invested to achieve the greatest delta between cost and market value. Excess inventory at the end of a product life cycle would be at a minimum and sold discreetly to protect retailers' and manufactures' price and brand. Companies lacking expertise in these areas would be able to work with a partner possessing these complete skills. Communication, flow of data, continual improvements, and expanded capabilities would be expected standard. Performance metrics would be established and adhered to with complete visibility of financial performance.

Utopia, yes... and available today. Come and see!

Let us show you how to bring Utopia to life with a turnkey process that will fit within parameters you define; thereby, giving you complete control without capital investment.


Understand market value for refurbished products. Investing too many resources in a product, moving along a commodity trajectory, is a financial liability. TRG has established multiple tools to anticipate product life cycle and reduce exposure to market changes.

The analytics team is able to obtain a clear and concise view of open market pricing on all levels (retail, trade-in, secondary markets) based on grades and condition. We determine the end value of each condition of product before we ever purchase the product or physically touch the product.


Establish a network to move all conditions of products. Too often refurbishment processes are constrained to produce one grade of refurbishment because they don't possess the markets to economically move all conditions of product: A-Grade, B-Grade, C-Grade, Untouched Customer Returns, Harvested Parts or recycling material.

TRG is connected to a retail network with a massive appetite for all conditions of products. Product is sold discreetly (not online) and quickly to ensure profitability.


Communicate findings in a meaningful way. The ability to identify manufacturing defects and address them as product is developed; this reduces future returns, improves customer loyalty, and increases profitability. TRG will provide a list of the key product failures seen while refurbishing. If more quantity is needed of a particular level of refurbishment, TRG will provide the cost/benefit analysis for you to make an informed decision.


Ability to deploy these services at the location most financially beneficial to you. TRG operates in various retailers' facilities, logistic providers' warehouses, and in stand-alone centers. The requirements of the project drive the location decision. Flexibility to increase operation size based on volume, test additional product categories, or downsize as markets change gives TRG the ability to adapt on the fly. On-site facilities eliminate logistic costs and time delays. This provides a full view of the process, and allows for continual improvement.


Clarity to results via actionable reporting. Partners need to provide and abide by production standards, time lines, and costs forecasts. Visibility of these factors on a daily, weekly, monthly basis are crucial. Some of our measuring metrics include:

  • Time (receipt, WIP, finished product, shipping)
  • Yield (% of product meeting standards)
  • Fulfillment (pick, pack & ship) % within 24 hours
  • defective rate of returns less than 1%
  • Gross margin recovery
  • Sell through %
  • Average inventory turn-around times

TRG will provide an open book of our accounting to ensure complete disclosure.