We do not believe in clients. Each business endeavor is a strategic partnership. Through robust, versatile, and all encompassing partnerships, we will use Intelligent Disposition, Smart Touch, and Smart Returns to extrapolate the highest returns for our partners.

  • The Need for Speed - Strategic Disposition, Smart Touch, Smart Returns is sensitive to timing and ensures product triage encompasses all factors. Today's market, with new products coming out faster than ever, does not allow time for a slow solution.

  • From Trash To Cash - Didn't think there was a value in that did you? Simple re-routing through a Smart Touch process can turn salvage product into high-yield recovery programs.

  • Partnerships preserve relationships - Most consultants, brokers, BComms, Third Party Logistics (3PL), Third Party Providers (3PP) and Supply Chain Solutions (SCS) are quick to dismiss a program as a one time deal. TRG builds partnerships, new business models, and revenue sharing programs to ensure long-term partnership programs, as opposed to short-term deals.

  • Your Only as Good as your Worst Product - Quality control ensures uniform results of superior product output.

  • Independent accountability through transparent operating procedures and actionable reporting.

  • Primary market conservation - Secondary markets should always be carefully pursued such that they will not affect primary market share.

  • Respect “do-not-sell” requirements - Established in conjunction with our partners, the ability to control end-distribution ensures products will not affect specific markets.

  • Innovation through constant refinement - Perfection is our goal, excellence will be tolerated.


Reuse through economically feasible processes is the most environmentally sensitive option for returns/warranty items; thereby, keeping material out of landfills while reducing the carbon footprint of manufacturing and logistics. The minimal amount of product remaining is then properly recycled to create a closed-loop system. A partnership with TRG will open the door to higher recovery while ensuring your brand benefits from maximizing reuse to minimize raw material recycling.


Intelligent Disposition, Smart Touch, and Smart Returns are successful because they consistently deliver the highest possible quality of economically viable refurbished/repaired products. Our partners, and end-users we sell product to, bank on the quality of our finished goods. Overall returns to TRG are <1% while repeat customers represent +91% of our annual sales.

To safeguard this reputation for quality, TRG QC's 5% of all finished goods. If the random sample doesn't pass our QC standards, we reprocess the entire batch associated with the sample. Some have considered this excessive. We feel this is why so many of our competitors sit on products or have gone out of business, while we have doubled our sales in the difficult economy of 2008-2010.